Flyleaf sings Crowder and Hillsong

Flyleaf is a really cool ‘hardcore’ Christian band fronted by Lacey Mosley who also sings on Third Day’s ‘Run to You.’

Here is a video of Flyleaf covering David Crowder’s ‘You are My Joy’ and Hillsong’s ‘From the Inside Out.’

Two Words – BRILLIANT!

Thanks to Klampert for sharing this


2 thoughts on “Flyleaf sings Crowder and Hillsong

  1. Hey Matt,
    Thanks so much for posting this video! I saw Flyleaf at the Rock and Worship Roadshow in Oklahoma City a few weeks ago and they did the same worship medley. They blew me away! I’m so glad you have a video of it! I’m posting it on the Air 1 Radio music blog. It’s
    Coppelia 🙂

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