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Ok, so it’s been a LONG time since I updated my Gear page, so here’s what’s new!

I am now using the Pod X3 and it really shines over the XT!  Because it has dual channel modeling I can use two guitars and use the board as a switcher and not need an A/B pedal anymore.  There are some great sounds to be had inside this little black box!  Just incase you were wondering I use the Vox AC30 Top Boost Amp model for the majority of my guitar tones.

I have also included a Jamman looper for some live looping goodness.

I still use the T5 and it is a great guitar, but I’ve been playing more straight electric and using my Epiphone Les Paul.  It just has a bit more sound than the pickups on the T5 and it gets really great tone.

I am also using my Macbook Pro quite often onstage.  I use it to run Reason loops (well, actually I usually run Record loops, but…same thing…)

And for music, I have gone digital.  I’m using the iPad with OnSong.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update!



I have discovered my favorite setup for worship leading from guitar:

I really like using the Taylor T5. It allows me to play an acoustic song, or even an acoustic portion of a song and then with the flip of a switch, go to an overdriven electric sound with no guitar switching. I have a Les Paul and a Strat, but for most worship venues, the sounds I can get out of the T5 are close enough that I stay with it instead of taking the time (ie possibly adding distraction) to switch guitars.

When I first got the T5, I tried the A/B box switch directly from my pedal board for electric (all analog at the time) to a direct signal to the house for acoustic. This worked ok, but I missed the added color of chorus/reverb/delay etc on the acoustic sound. It just didn’t have that ‘sound’ that I was looking for. So that meant adding more and more pedals with duplicate functions to an already large pedalboard (any guitar players know what I’m talking about? :). So, one day I stumbled upon the item that makes the T5 really shine – the POD XT Live. With this setup I can flip a switch, click a pedal and I have moved from chimey chorus reverb delay acoustic to gritty rhythm electric sounds. PERFECT!

The other really cool note about this setup is the ability to plug directly into the house for both acoustic and electric (and have it sound good!). This way I am eliminating the need for an amp, and reducing stage volume, which is a constant problem in churches, large and small.

Depending on the church I also use an In Ear Monitor System. I use the Galaxy Audio AnySpot UHF wireless system with Shure E3’s with custom ear molds.


2 thoughts on “Gear Page

  1. What patches / setups are you using with your XT and T5? I’m struggling to find a happy place. Just got the T5, have had many electric guitars, but never any luck. I’m also a worship leader, don’t need “rock out” but would like to add to what’s happening aside from just an acoustic tone. I love my Taylors, but this one is challenging…I’m sure it’s just the operator. Do you go direct into the PA? If so, would you be willing to share your patches?

  2. Usually I keep it pretty simple with the patches.
    I use the AC30 amp model for the clean, chimey sound with either the digital delay or analog delay.
    I use the screamer stomp for an overdrive.
    I also generally add some reverb to the sound based on the song needs.
    For my acoustic side I use the tube preamp with a hint of chorus and the digital delay set on quarter note tap tempo.

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