Google Music iCloud

For several years now I’ve been accumulating music on hard drives and have constantly struggled with having certain songs when and where I need them.  It seems that struggle may be coming to an end! Enter Google Music and iCloud. I will freely admit that I love all things Apple.  Their products work well for … More Google Music iCloud

LED Lights on a guitar!

I was watching the CMA’s this week and I like Rascal Flatts, and even though I didn’t love this song I was AMAZED by the lead guitar players guitar!!! The top is completely covered with LED lights. And not only that, but they were programmed as part of the light show! Here’s the YouTube link:

Brilliant Stop Motion Chalk Drawing

Firstly, I am a Coldplay fan. B.  I don’t know why, but lately I have been truly amazed at the brilliance of the art of stop motion photography/filmography/cinematography and probably several other ‘ography’s. 3)  To continue this trend here is the Coldplay video for Strawberry Swing. Again, Brilliant.  Genius.  Time Consum-ed.

Slow Motion Drums

Discovery has a new show called Time Warp where they take high speed cameras and film stuff and then show what it looks like in super slow mo.One of the segments of particular interest to me was a piece on Drumming.  Check out this drummer, Mike Mangini, and the high speed footage they captured.  I … More Slow Motion Drums