Google Music iCloud

For several years now I’ve been accumulating music on hard drives and have constantly struggled with having certain songs when and where I need them.  It seems that struggle may be coming to an end!

Enter Google Music and iCloud.

I will freely admit that I love all things Apple.  Their products work well for what I do and I use them for everything from communication (phone, etc) to word processing (Pages) to music production (reason, garage band) etc…

But, I also love Google.  It seems that most everything they do works well.

So I am excited to try Google Music and iCloud.  Since iCloud is not yet available for music, I’m starting with the Beta of GoogleMusic.

So far – I LOVE IT!!!  Finally, I have all my music accessible wherever I am.  My music library is rather large, I’m upwards of 20,000 songs, which happens to be the limit of GoogleMusic right now, so we’ll see what happens when I hit that limit…

Just in case you were like me and not sure how to access GoogleMusic from the iPhone or iPad because they are not releasing an app for it on the iOS yet, the solution is pretty simple, although a bit clunky.  You can simply point Safari to, log into your account, select your music and enjoy!


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