Phil Wickham sings about Heaven and Earth

Phil Heaven

I have been a long time Phil Wickham fan.  He would lead worship occasionally at the church I attended, The Flood San Diego.  I truly enjoy the way he composes melody and harmony.  He is vastly different from the current worship leader/artist/nashville mold.  Perhaps it is because we are both from the San Diego, California area, but I like his style!

This lastest release (technically PRE-Release as it drops on NOV 17th) does not disappoint!  From soaring guitars to razor synth sounds it is a solid follow-up to Cannons.   I appreciate the variation from a seriously full-on ‘rock’ sound to almost completely acoustic, just him and the guitar.  (Though I did hear a banjo on The Time is Now, which I LOVE!)

I definitely need to spend some quality time with this album.  So far I really dig a few of the tracks and expect that I will hear and appreciate some of the other ones as I listen to it again and again.

As a guitar player, I like that he uses alternate tuning and different chords.  It makes me want to be more creative in my own playing and writing.  As a worship leader, his lyrics are very heartfelt and hit at the center of a lost and hurting culture.

Here’s my iTunes review:

Phil Review

I definitely recommend the album for personal and potential corporate worship.  You can get the download HERE now or buy it on iTunes or Amazon on Nov 17th.


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