Fee Album Review

Hope Rising

The New Fee Album dropped a couple days before Catalyst Conference and I have been listening to it since then. I must say, at first I wasn’t that into it. It sounded like more of the same. But, then, I attended the Catalyst Conference and hearing and participating in the songs in a live environment COMPLETELY changed my mind about the album. I now have a new perspective and totally LOVE it!!!

Similar to the previous album, this music is full of rocking guitars, slamming drums and some sweet Reason/Ableton loops. Different from any worship album I’ve ever heard, there is a track with ‘auto-tune’ on it. ‘Promised Land’ is worship 2.0! I was skeptical when I found out about the ‘auto-tune’, but once I heard it, I actually like it!!!

Here’s my iTunes rating so far. I must say that the stars will probably go up in the future after I listen to it a bit more. There will probably be at least a couple more 5 stars, but for now:

Screen shot 2009-10-21 at 12.18.32 PM

It’s definitely worth picking up for some corporate worship songs and absolutely great for personal worship time!


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