The Leadership Summit

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I’m super excited about experiencing this year’s Leadership Summit through the satellite campus at my church, Grace!

We just started and had a rousing time of worship including ‘The Time Has Come” by Hillsong.  As we continue I’ll be posting highlights throughout the conference that I think are worthy of repeating.

Day 1

Session 1:

Bill Hybels

All Killer, No Filler.

He discussed how they have made different changes to the organization including how they have revamped their services.  What stood out to me is the All Killer, No Filler statement about the content of their services.  That seems like a 180 from their previous ‘seeker’ focus.  He said that no one comes to church for ‘mild dose’ of God.  That really resonates with me!  Gospel ‘Lite’ is so frustrating for me and others who I have met looking for real relationships at church.  I just like that he called it out specifically.  Let’s strive to make our services All Killer and No Filler.

Session 2:


Cultural Fit is super important when hiring a new staff person. Oh, and tattoos are cool!

Ask the important questions more than once in different ways.

Explain the cultural context in great detail.  Say, ‘This is what it’s like to work here…’

Church Boards:

When you lose the TEAM functionality, you lose an IMMUNITY.


The church considers it compassion NOT to tell the truth in a firing, but that is the opposite of compassion.  Honest, constructive feedback is crucial to a healthy work environment and especially a lay off.

Three step process of communicating lack of performance:

  1. Retrain the person
  2. Reposition the person
  3. Retire the person

Session 3:

Gary Hamel

  • Are you changing as fast as the world around you?
  • Are you in the Vanguard or the Old Guard?
  • Is the Gospel failing us, or our Institutions?
  • Church has become a weekly convocation for the converted and content.
  • We’re losing market share out of apathy.
  • Our materialistic culture has left so many people hungry for the authentic, but our Lord was the most authentic person who ever lived.
  • If your church is growing at the moment you still have to be a bit humble.  Change is coming…

Normal steps of Conflict:

  1. Deny
  2. Rationalize
  3. Mitigate
  4. Confront


  1. Face the Facts – even if they’re ugly
  2. Question your beliefs – ABOUT YOUR ORGANIZATION
  3. Listen to the renegades, the dissidents – They may see things you don’t!

Don’t spend all your energy on ONE GIANT acorn.  Come up with THOUSANDS of ideas and boil them down into one Incredible Idea.

The longer you’re down in the trenches, the easier it is to mistake the edge of your rut for the horizon!

Are you more committed to redemption and renewal or more committed to the programs and policies of your church?

The true test would be to sacrifice some of those programs and policies for the good of the church.

Session 4

Tim Keller

The parable of the Prodigal Son is not only about the prodigal, younger brother, but about both brothers and directed toward the religious leaders.  Both are concerned only about the father’s money, not about the father.  The prodigal, younger son is very bad, but wants the money.  The elder son tries to be very good, but wants the father’s money.  The prodigal brother is saved because he returns, but the elder brother is LOST!  Not in spite of his goodness, but because of it.

Spiritual Deadness diagnosis – Elder brothers, by trying to be good, are self righteous and insecure.

You’ve got to get to a new level of repentance and a new level of rejoicing.

Don’t repent only for your wrongdoings, but for the reasons of your right doings!

Session 5

Jessica Jackley

Jackley founded a micro-lending organization.  For as little as $25 dollars you can help an entrepreneurs in a third world countries start a small business and you can help fight poverty.


Session 6

Harvey Carey

Carey started a church in the poorest zip code, in the poorest city, in the poorest state in the country.

Ephesians 4:11-13 So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, 12 to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up 13 until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

When you are attacked for the cause of Christ you know you are on the right track and must be doing something right!

How many binders [from conferences!] do you need?  Its time to DO the WORK of the Kingdom!

The church spends so much time in a ‘huddle’ we NEVER go OUT and PLAY THE GAME.

Get out of your huddle and CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

WOW! Harvey Carey took his church and ‘camped’ out in front of 8 drug houses and SHUT THEM DOWN!!!

‘Some Leaders have the paralysis of analysis.  They think too much.’

We have not seen the breadth of God’s power because we don’t create a context for it to work.

It is not about your budget, or your programs, or your staffing.  It is about YOU!  It is about your dependence on God!  It is about GOD!

See You Tomorrow for Day Two!


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