Rescue the Invisible Children

I spent the beginning of my life in San Diego before moving to Indiana last year.  Part of my childhood included Christian Youth Theater (CYT) with the Russells.  A few years ago Jason Russell along with some of his friends went to Uganda to make a documentary and what came out is making history.  The documentary is all about the child soldiers in Uganda and it is heart wrenching.  From this film, the Invisible Children (IC) became a focus, and quickly grew into a movement.


Yesterday they have again made history through a peaceful rally outside the Oprah studios where 500+ people sung and danced to get Oprah to speak out against the Invisible Children on her show.  Today she is doing just that!

But this is only a small part of the larger picture.  IC has freed 100 cities in the US and many more across the globe to raise awareness of the Invisible Children.  The final stop is Washington DC in June.

You can get updates at

You can follow them on twitter at icTRI or TheRescue

[Update:  due to the National Media Attention, parts of the IC website appear to be overloaded right now.  Please keep trying]

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