4 Eyes

Another day with the new glasses.


Today brought clarity of many words and things I never would have seen before, but it also brought a serious migrane the likes of which I cannot stand or get rid of (even now).

Yesterday, leading worship I could totally read the words on the charts from a further distance, but very shortly after beginning rehearsal I realized a problem.  My normal practice of leaving the stand really low and viewing out of my periphery was untenable due to the fact that my glasses are square and my eyes are round.  I literally cannot see below the range of my glasses.  This weekend worked out ok, but that will be something that may become a problem for me later…

With that thought, Contacts are sounding really good right about now!

The journey continues.  Again my hope is that my brain catches up with my eyes on this one….

All of this probably is second nature to those of you who have worn glasses for any amount of time, but for this newby, who did not have any kind of glasses for 31 years, its all new and different.  One day at a time I guess!


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