Worship Weekend


We had an amazing worship experience in Sojourn this past weekend.  We are continuing on ‘Resurrecting Hope.‘  Steve gave a poignant message about who Christ is and why that brings Hope to humanity. We also had an extended Communion time.  We begun with people going up to the table and grabbing great BIG chunks of bread.  Since we had great big chunks of bread I thought we should have bigger cups so we developed the ‘Big Gulp’ of communion.  In antithesis to the tiny plastic communion cup, we used little dixie cups instead.  It was a really powerful time of communion and a great time of fellowship for our community.

Here are the songs we did this weekend

The Bread has been Broken – Jeff Deyo

Nothing but the Blood – traditional

From the Inside Out – Hillsong

Jesus, Lord of Heaven – Phil Wickham

Everything – Tim Hughes

How was your worship weekend?


One thought on “Worship Weekend

  1. I enjoyed your writing
    The below is simple and maybe something to think about?


    Phil Edwards (pmespeak.com)

    In the book called Matthew: Chapter 26 – Verse 28 is this sentence. “This is my blood of the covenant, which is freely given for the forgiveness of sins.”

    The history of all religion is a record of blood and fear and warfare and horror and rule. Men and Women are damned? Is formal religion a creation of all thngs dead?

    Peace, Love and Understanding

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