Comfortable Communion

If any of you have planned a Communion service before, you may be familiar with the different styles available.
You can Pass
You can Serve
You can Go and Get
You can Dip (intinction)
You can Sip
And on and on…

With all these methods though there is one point that has always bugged me ~ what if someone doesn’t want to take Communion? Especially in the Get up and Go style, I personally feel bad for people when the congregation is shuffling around while they remain seated.

Well, today I learned a little something from a Mennonite brother. I don’t know if it is THE solution, but it was an interesting idea I had not heard before.

Basically you put the bread and cup on the table, but you also put cups of water. This way, especially if you Go to the table EVERYONE can go, because even if you don’t want to take Communion, you can just get a drink of water.

I really like this idea because it includes everyone and it doesn’t make anyone feel too uncomfortable. I like the idea of options in worship and the freedom to do what you feel God is calling you to do.

Has anybody heard of this before, or have any of you tried this?


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