Garage Door Community

The Garage Door Opener was the single biggest killer of community ever invented.


2 thoughts on “Garage Door Community

  1. Matt, not sure I understand what you mean by your post. We used to keep our garage door open when we were home during the summer. We noticed things were coming up missing. One day, I walked out into the garage to find our next door neighbor helping himself to one of my husband’s tools. I’d have to say that the community is committing suicide, the garage door opener had nothing to do with peoples motives.

  2. Thanks for the comment Christine
    What I meant is simply that before automatic Garage Door Openers, people stopped their car outside the garage and opened the door by hand. This provided an opportunity to actually ‘talk’ to their neighbors. Now, people press the button as their driving, open the door, drive in and close the door without ever thinking about talking to their neighbors.

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