Weekend Set List – LAST week

Ok, I know I am a couple days late on this, but, well, I haven’t done it till now…

We had a great weekend of services in our Sojourn Venue.  We unplugged even more and went in the round.  It was a really cool coffee housey vibey thingy we had goin on.  One of the coolest things for me was to not wear ‘ears’ and be able to hear everyone singing along to the worship tunes.  THAT for me makes it worth it.  One of my greatest reasons for doing worship is to inspire people to sing.  It’s not about me being a rock-star or a guitar player or whatever, its about leading people into the presence of God and encouraging THEM to worship.


Of course since we had the coffee house vibe goin on I had to do a preservice rendition of
No Such Thing – by John Mayer

The worship set consisted of:

Blessed Be – Redman
Everything Glorious – Crowder
Jesus, Lord of Heaven – Wickham
Holy and Anointed One – Barnett

How was your worship weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Set List – LAST week

  1. Sounds awesome, can’t wait to check out the place some more.

    One of my favorite albums right now is Phil Wickham’s “Singalong” for the very reasons you mentioned at the beginning of your post!

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