For those of you interested in the Emerging, Emergent, Missional conversation, I came across this article by Brother Maynard cleverly titled – Emerge-ed?

BTW – If you have never seen So I Married an Axe Murderer, one of Mike Myers early works, go get it now!  It is truly one of those classic comedies (at least of the 90s)

“Harriet, sweet Harriet, so knowing, so trusting, so love-ed.”

but I digress…

In this emerging/ent/ed conversation there have been several attempts at defining the different terms, but unfortunately there is not much consensus about which terms mean what.  That leads to several key figures deciding to abandon some of the terms and trying to come up with different, better ones.

Personally I have experienced some tension about these terms and which term means what and who is associated with which term, etc.

At any rate, if this is at all interesting to you, click through to Brother Maynard or Grace and see what they have to say about the terms in general.

And let me what you think too…


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