Leadership Summit – Gary Haugen

Gary Haugen is the founder of the International Justice Mission

In this session he asked questions like

–What is the leadership that matters to God?

–Are Jesus and I really interested in the same things?

–If God is so passionate about justice, why isn’t he doing anything about it?

WE are God’s plan for the world!
Again, We are God’s plan for resolving the injustice of the world.

The question then becomes – What are YOU doing to resolve the injustice in the world?

Effective leadership toward injustice chooses:
o Not to be safe
o To pursue deep spiritual health
o To pursue excellence
o To seize the joy

This has been a GREAT session on the injustice in the world and how God wants ME and YOU to help change it.


3 thoughts on “Leadership Summit – Gary Haugen

  1. “Jesus didn’t come to make you safe, he came to make you brave” was one of the most thought-provoking statements of the day. I’m still pondering it.

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