Leadership Summit – Bill Hybels

Highlights from Bill Hybels

This talk was all about making decisions.

The four traditional consultations for Christian Leaders:
1. The Bible
2. Advisors
3. Pain / Gain / Experiences
4. Prompting of the Holy Spirit

Hybels also discussed different Axioms leaders have.

Some of the highlights for me were:

Abraham Lincoln – “the best way to destroy your enemy is to turn them into a friend.”

Colin Powell – “Check you ego at the door.”
“Promote a clash of ideas.”
“Reward the best perfomers, remove the worst performer.”

Hybels – “Vision Leaks” – which is why you need to constantly recast
“Get the right people around the table.”
“This is Church!” – Acts 2.46

Then this session concluded with an AMAZING version of Send Your Rain (Passion)


One thought on “Leadership Summit – Bill Hybels

  1. i can think of an even better version of send your rain… by this amazing couple named matt and bethany odegaard. they sang it acapella for our college group when they first started dating. i always wished i had it on tape.

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