Bill George at the Willow Leadership Summit

Bill George is the professor of Management Practice at Harvard and author of True North.

My paraphrase of Bill’s thesis:
The question is not what can the leaders of the country do for us, what can we do for our country (our church, our community)?

Key Ideas:

—“Leadership is about empowering others to step up and lead”

—“We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. All of us!”

21st century Leadership ideals:
o Align
o Empower
o Serve
o Collaborate

Six things you need to develop your leadership
1. Know what you want to do
2. Gain self awareness
3. Be true to your values
4. Follow your motivating capabilities
5. Building a support team around you
6. Lead an integrated life

Great Session about Servant leadership and I will be processing this and the other sessions for a long time.


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