100 degrees and no AC

Yesterday I had the opportunity to play at two different churches.  They were vastly different, but each had moments where the Spirit really showed up and did something amazing!

The first church was really big and produced.  There were probably 3000 people there over the course of three services.  There were moving lights, soaring guitars, videos, and a carefully crafted atmosphere.  It was amazing to hear that many people singing praises to God.  I love it when, over all the electronics and amps and speakers, the people sing LOUDER

At night I had the privilege of playing with some old friends (and my beautiful wife!) at a church whose pastor I went to seminary with.  It was tiny, and when I say tiny, I mean tiny.  Maybe 50 people, maybe, and that packed out the house.  I must be honest.  I was not expecting much.  It was 100 degrees in an old Baptist church with no AC and about 40 people.  Was I ever WRONG.  This church had so little, but gave SO MUCH!  The Spirit was really moving among the people.  During the testimony time there was such a message of hope from the congregation, and at the end a 9 year old girl came up and just about preached a sermon on how God loves each of us. 
All I could do is think about coming to the Lord like a child and
The least will be the greatest
This just reminds me that you cannot prescribe what God is going to do or when or where.  You can plan and prepare and produce, but sometimes, many times, all the time, God looks at the heart of the people and will do the most when we admit we have the least to give


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