The Next Best Thing

Do you ever look for the next best thing?
I do. For me it is a new guitar, or since my car is 15years old and the AC just broke, maybe a new one.

How bout in ministry? Do you ever look for a new place because yours is difficult, or challenging, or because of that “one person.” (you know who I’m talking about 🙂

Jesus has an interesting perspective on this which I just came across.
I was reading in Mark chapter 6 where Jesus has given the disciples authority and instructions on the ministry. In verse 10 he says a curious thing:

“When you enter a house, stay there until you leave that town.”

I think that is incredibly interesting. Garland in the NIV Application Commentary on Mark says,

“Jesus instructs the Twelve to accept the first accommodations offered to them and not to move if they chance to find something better. This demonstration of commitment is a testimony of their devotion to their mission and not to themselves. It also reduces the chance they will create jealousy by moving to better quarters, which will interfere with their mission.” (241)

I just look at the statistics of how long (or rather short) most pastors and staff stay at a given church and wonder if Jesus saw this coming…

One of the things God has really been teaching me about my current situation and unemployedness is that He is going to select my next appointment and make it clear that it could only have come from him. This is both a great peace and a bit of an insecurity at the same time (or at quickly vacillating times). I trust that God will lead me into a place that he chose for me, but, like most guys, I am a doer and I want to “get er done!” I am learning to wait…and still learning to wait…

Is there any resonance with Mark 6:10 for you?
Is there greener grass you have your eye on?
How do Jesus’ words affect your thinking about ministry?


2 thoughts on “The Next Best Thing

  1. Good nugget!!!! I’m sure those statistics are eye-opening!
    Bro, I’m so encouraged about your attitude through the uncertainty. Thank you for the example of faith you display. It’s contagious!

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