Much Love

I am continuing my readings from the book, Devotional Classics edited by Richard Foster and this week have struggled through the passage from Julian of Norwich. She is an English Mystic from the 1300’s and her experiences have been, for me, hard to understand.

However, she has some great perspective on God’s love for us and how that is how God teaches us to love others.

“Contemplating and loving the Creator made my soul seem less in its own sight and filled it full with reverent and true meekness and with much love for my fellow Christians.” So for those of you who thought you invented “much love,” she had you beat by about 700 years!

God loves us and as we pursue him, he pursues us. As we search out his love and his will, we are filled with love for those around us. When God says to love others it is not out of our own strength, for we could never love enough. But when we focus all our soul, our life, our energy on the pursuit of God, he is our strength

Song: You are my strength – Hillsong

Song: How He Loves Us – McMillan

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