Pride, or I’m #1

Beginning the series of the seven [{7}] capital (punishable by death) sins is PRIDE.  (See post: Dark Night)

John of the Cross, in his book A Dark Night of the Soul, defines pride as becoming overly spiritual.  This person is like a Pharisee who boasts in themselves and mocks the person who is not as spiritual.  John writes that "the devil will often inflame their fervor so that their pride will grow even more."  Isn’t that scary?  The devil encourages people to be MORE religious!  Practicing religion or follwing rules is not what brings you close to God.  The law is what shows you why you need Jesus.  Galatians 3:11.

John points out that this type of person is afraid of confessing sins because it would ruin their image.  Have any of you ever downplayed a mistake to keep looking cool? 

"But those who are moving in God’s way will counter this pride with humility.  They will focus on how great and how deserving God is and how little it is that they can do for him."  Check out  Romans 12.  Paul lays it out and says, don’t pretend you are better than you really are, instead – LOVE God, Love others. 

Songs I’m thinking about during this word:  Overwhelmed, How Great is Our God


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