Francis de Sales

This week’s reading comes from Francis de Sales.  He was a noble in Paris in the 1600’s, but instead of becoming a lawyer like his parents wanted, he became a priest, and then the Bishop of Geneva. 

This study is from Introduction to the Devout Life.  Which you can read or download here

This text hinges on the devotion of God.  There is only one true God and he deserves TRUE love.  This true love is our devotion

De Sales discusses the cardinal virtue of "charity."  We might call this "love."  The language is a bit archaic, but I would paraphrase some of his focus as being available.  We must be available for God when he calls.  De Sales measures a person’s devotion with how much prompting it takes to initiate an action. 

Every parent knows the scream of a hurt child.  When I hear this scream from my kid.  I am FLYING through the air to aid them, because I am devoted, as a parent to helping them in their time of need. 

As a child of God, I should be devoted to my heavenly Father God in the same way.  At his first call, I should jump to serve with all I am.  This is true love.  This is devotion.

The scripture for this week is Romans 13 ~ which basically states that loving one another is the baseline for all we do. 

This reminds me of Crowder’s song:  Surely We Can Change

David Crowder Band - Remedy - Surely We Can Change


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