CD ReView – Fee – Shine

Ok, this is a SWEET cd!

I am an old Fee fan, but of course, like many I didn’t know it at the time. Fortunately I was introduced to Passion when it started and have been following it since. So I totally know songs like “Sing like the Saved” and “We are Hungry,” but I had no idea THAT was Steve Fee. At any rate I finally got his new (ish) CD released last September.

This CD under the much abridged, “Fee,” is an explosion of drums, synth sounds, Reason traks and U2ish guitars. I pretty much love it and will be spinning it in my ipod for a while!!!



One thought on “CD ReView – Fee – Shine

  1. a truly amazing cd. we shine, all because of jesus, beautiful the blood are my most favorites. glorious one is pretty popular. couldn’t agree with you more. the best worship cd of the past year by far.

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