Luther and the Law – Galatians

I came across an interesting quote yesterday from Luther’s commentary on Galatians about the Law (Ten Commandments, etc) and what its purpose was.

“The principal point, therefore, of the law in true Christian theology is to make people not better, but WORSE; that is to say, it shows them their sin, so that they may be humbled, terrified, bruised, and broken and by this means may be driven to seek comfort and so to come to that blessed Seed [Jesus].” (p176)

I really liked this vantage point of the law. Recently I have been studying what the purpose of the law was and this is a great example of the true meaning. So often we want these lists of what to do and what not to do, but we see here that the purpose of the law was different. It is not just a list of what not to do. The purpose of the law is to illustrate to us where we make mistakes, but the real point is to show us that we are broken and we need the only One who can fix us – Jesus. It is his LOVE alone which can heal us from our brokenness.


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