Dallas Willard on “Undiscipled Disciples”

Week two of the devotional reading comes from the same book as last week, Devotional Classics. This article comes from Dallas Willard’s book Spirit of Disciplines.
This section contains very thought provoking material about discipleship in the current age of Christianity especially in North America. Willard discusses this term “undiscipled disciples.” He even asserts, “Most problems in contemporary churches can be explained by the fact that members have not yet decided to follow Christ.”

What a heavy accusation, but is it true? What has your experience been? I know I have been in some churches where the “frozen chosen” have sat through services week in and week out with no enthusiasm or passion for what God has done and is doing. And what about faith in action, how is your church doing with this?

Fortunately, I have also had the honor of serving with churches and leaders where people were really seeking after God’s heart and striving to follow Christ’s example.  This was a good reminder of what it means to follow Christ, not to be complacent, and what happens when people in church don’t follow Christ.


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