Book Review – Stand Against the Wind – McManus

Read a great book today.  It was a quick read, but so full of great stuff that I will be ReReading it many times over the next few years.  I really enjoy McManus.  His style and theology is thought provoking and encouraging.  He illuminates the scriptures of the Bible and forces the reader to wrestle with what it really means to live as a follower of Christ.

Here are some quotes:

“Courage is the strength of heart born out of integrity.” p30

“You overcome selfishness with servanthood and greed with generosity.” p38

“Faith is not always a way out of crisis [it] gives us the strength and confidence to see every challenge and crisis through to the end.”  p54

“Wholeness is not found through receiving, but through giving.”  p70

“Only the testing of our faith develops the perseverance we need.” p 83

McManus ends with this provocative statement, “The ultimate end of character transformation is not freedom from sin, but freedom to once again be all that God designed for us to be.” p118

This is a good read and very short, but packed with thought provoking ideas.  Go pick it up!


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