I had the opportunity to visit NAMM or the National Association of Music Merchants, or a kid in a candy store.  Once a year the Anaheim convention center is filled with every guitar, drum, amp and other musical instrument imaginable and unimaginable!  I saw many amazing things, but the one that was funniest for me was the drumset bike.  photo_011908_001.jpg

It was pretty sweet!

Oh yeah, and I stood next to Stevie Wonder.  Couldn’t get a pic though, the security was TIGHT!


One thought on “NAMM

  1. Dude, I can totally see you cruising down Mission Beach BLVD in this thing. Only you’ve converted all control to a straw that you breathe through to control speed, and you steer with your eyes. That way you can drive and play at the same time. You’re just crazy enough to make it work.

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