Team Structure

A new? Structure

Since being a Worship Leader for over ten years and a Worship Pastor for three I have struggled with the structure of the Worship Ministry. I have read dozens of books on worship and theology and am even 2/3s done with a MDIV degree at Bethel Seminary. The thing I have not read much about, not for lack of searching, but for lack of finding, is how to structure a Worship Ministry. I have been around a bunch of worship leaders and seen how they structure. I respect them, some of them helped mentor me to get started leading. The problem I have is how to get the whole team to fellowship together and spend time together casting vision and praying and doing devotionals, etc. The problem comes because the commitment is only for part of the vocals and part of the band each week, and though there is some overlap, there is never a time when everyone is together. To give more background, our music style is band driven with a vocal team. We don’t have enough people or interest to have a choir every week. This means we have a couple to a few vocals and drums, bass, guitar, keys, etc. So since I have a few bass players and a few drummers and a bunch of guitar players, they are never able to play together. And, since the model is only a couple singers each week, most people don’t get to sing together.

Answer: A couple months ago I was talking with some team members who felt the same way I do about the TEAM and I decided to create a new? model which I have never seen or heard of before in a band based context. Basically the new structure is this:

Each First Wednesday of the month(since we have rehearsals on Wednesday) we have the whole team come. This is a mandatory meeting for the vocals, the instrumentalists, the sound people, and the media people.

The meeting is broken up into the following time slots:
6:00 vocal practice
6:45 team meeting time (including sound, media, band)
7:30 band practice (vocals, sound, media are excused)
9:00 go home!

With this new structure we accomplish several goals. We are able to have this team time which is most important to me and I would say to the development of the team. We have this time to get to know each other. We have this time of prayer. We have this time for vision casting where I am able in a team context to advise everyone where the ministry is going.

(This last part was so difficult before, maybe some other worship leaders understand. I would have to have individual meetings, meetings with partial parts of the team and then repeat to some of the same members and some new members, and on and on.)


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