Book Review

The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World

Lofty title, but looks to be a great book. I am anxious to get my hands on it. Contributors include, John Piper, David Wells, DA Carson, Tim Keller, Voddie Baucham and Mark Driscoll. You can get it at

I read a review today which said this:

Tim Keller’s Chapter points to a (re)thinking about ministry and the way it is done. He has six areas where the church should change.

1. Gospel Theologizing – All of theology must be an exposition of the Gospel
2. Gospel Realizing – We can know the Gospel, but not really know the Gospel
3. Gospel Urbanizing – many Christians must move to the city, urbanize the Gospel and create strong versions of Gospel communities (All about community!!!)
4. Gospel Communication – through evangelism that is intelligible, credible, plausible, thorough, progressive, and process-oriented
5. Gospel Humiliation – Christ’s power is evident through your weakness
6. Gospel Incarnation – within a pagan city, God’s people are to be neither withdrawn nor assimilated, but rather distinct and engaged

My comments –

Bottom line from Keller – are we aiming too low with our evangelism ambitions and expectation and not allowing God to actually work in our faith?

I especially love the Incarnation and Theologizing statements. We need to be distinct yet engaged with the community, how else can we share the Love of God?

And, we need to base all our theology around the actual, practical application of how the Gospel is lived and presented.



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