Christ in me, the HOPE of Glory

Christ in me, the HOPE of Glory.

Colossians 1:27

What an amazing verse. I have been really wrestling with the idea of waiting on the Lord. I read Isaiah 40 where it says strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord. We will rise up on wings like eagles. My life has been crazy lately and it has been hard to see what God is doing, but it is all I can do to wait upon the Lord. My strength comes only from Him.

My job is changing, my church is changing, my housing situation is changing, and my family/wife/school paradigm is shifting (for the better)

Even so, there are so many changes I cannot see around the next corner. I have no idea even what tomorrow will bring. And yet, Christ in me is the Hope of Glory.

I have been so battered and broken, I have nothing left to offer, but Strength will Rise as we wait upon the Lord, because Christ in me is the Hope of Glory.

The bible says that if anyone is IN Christ, they are a new creation. The bible also says that Christ dwells in us and that we receive the Spirit when we profess faith in Christ. The hope I have, the only thing I hold onto is the hope I have in Christ.

So there I rest. In Christ. In Hope. In the someday of being in God’s glory, and in the now of being in God’s grace and mercy.

In the words of the hymnwriter:

Amazing Pity

Grace Unknown and

Love Beyond Degree


8 thoughts on “Christ in me, the HOPE of Glory

  1. Thank you, Matt. Good stuff and a yearning we all share “to know Him in all of his fullness.” That is such a difficult thing to put ourselves around in the midst of “life.”

  2. I came across this tonight after God gave me that verse. I saw your name and remembered you and Bethany from band. I used to play keys sometimes. Been trying/thinking too hard…then when I got really quiet and rested, He gave me that verse. Maybe I will write a song once I’ve really received it! Hope you and your family are doing well…just wanted to encourage you that I read your words on the day the Lord wanted me to read them. God bless…Jennifer 🙂

  3. I came across this site after searching for a devotional on Col 1:27, and I really appreciate what you’ve written here. Resting in God’s grace and mercy now while waiting in hope for the future. Just what I needed to hear this morning, thank you.


  5. While I was meditating on the truth that God dwells in me. These words came to me *CHRIST in me the hope of glory* then I decided to google it. Thats when I found your comments about the same thing. Its amazing how God will always have a witness to his revealed word.

  6. I also had that verse just come to me and I googled it and came here….

    I am also experiencing a trying time – where I am also waiting on God. My mom encouraged me to put together a few positive affirmations. Quote scripture affirming God’s great promises. Very effective as God never goes back on his word. As I am awaiting healing, one of my faves is psalm 103: 1-5. Powerful and affirming. God bless.

  7. This is my message for December 31st,2012 as I lead thousands of born again Christians who gather at Kampala International Christian Centre(KICC) for prayers and celebration as we usher into the New year 2013!
    ” Christ in Me the Hope of Glory”
    Pastor Elijah Sebuchu
    Hands of love Foundation
    Kampala Uganda- East Africa.

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